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We have started a ChangeLog to make it easier to see what changes have been made to MaxWiki.

Rails Conference

We attended the Rails Conference 2007 and had a great time.  We even took some session notes. 

RoR Camp

Organized by MaxWiki Software and held in the unconference format, RoR Camp brought together 155 enthusiasts for a day of knowledge exchange.

InfoWorld Write-up

Ruby on Rails stakes out Java’s turf

Theme of Ruby on Rails Camp event was using Ruby in business applications, but topics ranged from Rails security to deploying it to abate global warming




What Is MaxWiki?

MaxWiki is an open-source wiki written by Max Dunn in Ruby on Rails that creates web sites that can be easily editable by any authorized user. It is great for organizations that want to be able to easily and quickly update their web sites without having to wait for the webmaster to make the changes.

MaxWiki software is used by small businesses, public companies, schools, clubs, churches and other organizations. Some of them turned to MaxWiki to quickly build a website. Others already had an existing website but had a problem - everytime they wanted to make even small change, they had to contact the webmaster and wait for days or even weeks to have the change made. After converting to MaxWiki, they were able to make changes themselves, instantly.

Sample Sites

Here are some sites that use MaxWiki:

Rails camp thumb

Noho thumb

Echotx thumb

Bfk thumb


Why MaxWiki?

Most wikis, like Wikipedia, are designed to be used only for collaboration and don't look like a normal web site. They also  don't have access control but allow any user to edit any page.

MaxWiki, on the other hand, provides all the wiki functionality like allowing any page to be easily editable, keeping a revision history and WYSIWYG editing, but in addition looks like a normal web site and allows only authorized users to edit pages.

MaxWiki: Choice of Open Source or Commercial Packaging

MaxWiki is available as an open source project and as a commercially supported application. If you’re interested in downloading OpenMaxWiki, look no further, the code can be found on RubyForge.org:


If you’re looking for a commercially supported wiki with a webDAV connector into document repositories like the Xythos Enterprise Document Manager, please go to the Products area of our web-site for more information.